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Introductions - Bada Bing - 01-26-2019

What is your name?
Bada Bing

- What is your age and what do you do in life?
32 and I do things in exchange for money

- Why this nickname?
I love The Sopranos

- Where you live? (City, country,etc)
England, South West

- How long have you been playing Airsoft?

- What are you looking for on this forum?
To share the love of GBB’s 

- Are you part of a team?

- How did you know "We are GBB" ?
Through it’s creator

- What made you turn on the side of the GBB/GBB'r/HPA?
Electric guns are boring AF. 

- And off course you can write anything you want about you
I’ve been playing around with GBB’s since 2001 and I got into using GBBR’s exclusively when they began to re-emerge at a time when the Gas-In-Mag platforms became more reliable. The WE G36 is still one of the best. 

RE: Introductions - SrMorte - 01-27-2019

Hello Bada Bing

Welcome and i hope you can have fun here !

Best regards Smile